Design a Home — Online Tutorial

 Design a Home — Online Tutorial
From my experiences I have created this free design your own home online tutorial. The tutorial will guide you through a detailed step-by-step effective process to design your own house. During this tutorial, you will design a home online by:

site plan for house


A very triangular roof, the gable allows rain and snow to run off easily.

Cross Gable
This is like the gable roof, but has two parts that cross.

A flat roof is exactly that - flat. It is easy to build and uses few materials.

A French gable roof. The difference is that the mansard has a flat area at the top instead of being perfectly triangular. These are common in French Chateau houses and Second Empire style houses.

A low-pitched roof that allows rain and snow to run off easily, the hipped roof also allows for large eaves on a building.

Cross Hipped
Similar to a hipped roof, but this roof has two parts that cross .

A hipped roof that forms a pyramid shape.

Similar to a gable roof, as it allows rain and snow to run off easily. This is one of the easiest roofs to build.

Similar to a gable roof, but the two sides of it are not symmetrical.

This roof looks more bell-like than triangular when viewed from the side. It is like a flattened gable roof. Many farms have gambrel roofs.